2023-2024 Course Catalog

Chemistry Transfer Pathway (AS)

60 Credits

The Chemistry Transfer Pathway AS offers students a powerful option: the opportunity to complete an Associate of Science degree with course credits that directly transfer to designated chemistry bachelor’s degree programs at Minnesota State universities. The curriculum has been specifically designed so that students completing this pathway degree and transferring to one of the seven Minnesota State universities enter the university with junior-year status. All courses in the Transfer Pathway associate degree will directly transfer and apply to the designated bachelor’s degree programs in a related field.

Universities within the Minnesota State system include Bemidji State University; Metropolitan State University; Minnesota State University, Mankato; Minnesota State University Moorhead; Southwest Minnesota State University; St. Cloud State University; and Winona State University.

Core Courses – 40 Credits

CHEM 1061Principles of Chemistry 1

5 cr

CHEM 1062Principles of Chemistry 2

5 cr

CHEM 2061Organic Chemistry 1

5 cr

CHEM 2062Organic Chemistry 2

5 cr

MATH 1510Calculus 1

5 cr

MATH 1520Calculus 2

5 cr

PHYS 1121Physics 1 for Scientists and Engineers

5 cr

PHYS 1122Physics 2 for Scientists and Engineers

5 cr

Additional Required Courses – 20 Credits

ENGC 1101College Writing

4 cr

Complete one of the following two courses:

COMM 1101Fundamentals of Public Speaking

3 cr

COMM 1111Interpersonal Communication

3 cr

Complete one course from MnTC Goal 5 (3 Credits)

Complete one course from MnTC Goal 6 (3 Credits)

Complete two courses totaling 7 credits from MnTC Goal 7, 8, 9 or 10.

Note: It is recommended students select one course from MnTC Goal 5 or 6 that also satisfies one of the MnTC Goals 7, 8, 9, or 10.

Other Degree Requirements

  • Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 for college-level coursework (courses numbered 1000 and above) completed at Normandale.
  • Earn a minimum of 15 college-level credits at Normandale.

Coursework in this degree program satisfies a portion of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). Please see MnTC Degree Audit Report.