2023-2024 Course Catalog

Normandale Staff

Aasmundrud, Jodi, Information Technology Services

Aasve, Neil, Grants

Abdalla, Abdiqafar, Information Technology Services

Abdirahman, Abdirahman Abdullahi, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Abuta, Damaris, Human Resources

Adams, Katie, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Ahmed, Sharmarke, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Albrecht, Nancy, Copy Center

Allen, Kayla, Office for Students with Disabilities

Amay, Juan, Bookstore

Anaya Quiroga, Edgar, Student Affairs

Anderson, Kevin, Public Safety

Arnold, Archie, Grants

Avaloz, De’Andre, TRIO/Student Support Services

Barton, Aprile, Records Office

Beaumaster, James, Fiscal Services

Becker, Jeffrey, Facilities Management

Becker, RachelOffice of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Bengston, Christopher, Office of Admissions

Benshop, Brian, Marketing Communications

Beron, Matthew, Kopp Student Center

Bestland, Stacy, Public Safety

Bien, ThomasAcademic Affairs

Bland, Jessica, Human Resources

Bolling, Kelly, Chemistry

Brace, Rob, Academic Affairs

Brink, Leah, President's Office

Brunsgaard, StacyAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Bui, Quoc, Information Technology Services

Bui, Vinh, Information Technology Services

Burditt, Paige, Partnership-Universities and K-12

Cao, Tuyet, Facilities Management

Cardenas, RuthAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Carothers, LeCresha, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Chambers, SamanthaAcademic Affairs

Chapman, Chandler, Information Technology Services

Christianson, Kimberly, Library

Cimino, DanaAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Clark, Maria, Academy of Math and Science

Coate, KathleenAcademic Affairs

Conklin, Dan, Information Technology Services

Cook, Nolan, Bookstore

Cooper, Dawn, Human Resources

Craig, Kris, President’s Office

Crowder, Corey, Equity and Inclusion

Daly, Miranda, Copy Center

Daniels, Brad, Art

Decker, BethAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Dejvongsa, Taylor, Student Services

Dixon, Tina, Student Services

Dolinko, NatalieInformation Technology Services

Dualeh, Mustafa, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Elmi, Hussein, Biology

Engelhard, Mary, Facilities Management

Ereg, Sahra, Biology

Fadeyev, TimInformation Technology Services

Fareh, Zamzam, Student Services

Fechtelkotter, Amy, Bookstore

Feldkamp, Lucas, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Fiedler, JillRecords Office

Fowler, Amy Jo, Academic Affairs

Frederick, Anthony, Information Technology Services

Gaul, Jennifer, Purchasing and Contracts

Geiger, MelodyAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Gillard, Adam, Information Technology Services

Glab, Kelly, University and K-12 Partnerships

Grout, Joseph, Facilities Management

Guiher, Derek, Fiscal Services

Gula, Galina, Payments and Billing Office

Hagen, Dan, Office for Students with Disabilities

Halasz, Michael, Facilities Management

Halgren, Kaylee, Records Office

Hang, Shoua, Records Office

HannemanKyle, Mathematics

Harris, AntoinetteOffice of Admissions

Harrison, Aucuria, TRIO/Student Support Services

Hetzer, Jennifer, Payments and Billing Office

Hills, Bill, Facilities Management

Hines, Larry, Facilities Management

Hines, Tamera, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Holm-Hansen, Scott, Vacuum Technology

Hummel, Dylan, Information Technology Services

Huson, Piia, Art

Huynh, Tam, Information Technology Services

Ignatenkov, Pavel, Information Technology Services

Jerkovich, Donald, Information Technology Services

Johnson, Brady, Kopp Student Center/Student Life

Kaminsen, Heather, TRIO/Student Support Services

Karasev, Larisa, Payments and Billing Office

Katoa, Simote, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Katona, Debra, Student Life

Kelly, Hannah, Chemistry

Kielblock, Shannon, Records Office

Kilgore, Marvis, Equity and Inclusion

King, Kris, Information Technology Services

Klein, Melissa, Records Office

Klepperich, Charles, Academy of Math and Science

Klingenberg, George, Public Safety

Krueger, George, Kopp Student Center/Facilities Mgmt.

Kuang, Xiaoai, Facilities Management

Kuleshov, Vladmir, Facilities Management

Lao, Vutheara, Facilities Management

Lapanne, Tim, New Student Programs

Lau Fong, Amy, Information Technology Services

Lawrence-Porter, NjiaAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Leal Martinez, Andrea, Facilities Management

Lee, Ka BaoStudent Services

Levy, KeAnna, Office of Admissions

Liu, Chaowei, Facilities Management

Logan, MattTRIO/Student Support Services

Loper, Ann, Library

Lor, Chue, Information Technology Services

Ludden, Trevor, Chemistry

Marquez, Lilly, Purchasing and Contracts Office

Marshall, Lisa, Academic Affairs

Martin, Hope, New Student Programs

Maxwell, Ryan, Office of Admissions

McNamara, Jeremy, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Melnichuk, Svitlana, Information Technology Services

Men, Sokhose, Facilities Management

Meyers, Jason, Mail Services

Mikkelson, ChiharuAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Miller, Kevin, Office of Admissions

Moalim, Aziz, Information Technology Services

Mondy, Julie, Records Office

Moua, Katherine, Student Services

Muse, Abdikarim, Payments and Billing

Nelson, Asia, TRIO/Student Support Services

Neshek, Paul, Facilities Management

Ness, Todd, Facilities Management

Nguyen, Chuong, Information Technology Services

Nguyen, Hieu, Continuing Education and Customized Training

Nguyen, Hieu, Facilities Management

Nguyen, Hung, Facilities Management

Nguyen, Kim Lien, Facilities Management

Nguyen, Thang, Information Technology Services

Nordlie, Catherine, Tutoring Center

Nybakken, Julie, Mathematics

O’Dell, Peter, Information Technology Services

Odor, Howard, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Oliver, ShellyOffice of Student Disabilities

Olsen, Jeffrey, Music

Ouse, Martin, Library

Overton, Dwight, Bookstore

Palmer, Harry, Public Safety

Passmore, Nissa, Facilities Management

Patry, Jeffrey, Music

Patzner, Daniel, Facilities Management

Persaud, Shivanie, Records Office

Person, Tyler, Tutoring Center

Petty, Clayton, Information Technology Services

Pofahl, Janel, Public Safety

Price, Hollie, Office of Admissions

Proehl, Angela, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Pruchnicki, Sarah, Student Affairs

Ramsingh, Kelly, Facilities Management

Randolph, KevinHuman Resources

Rannikko, J.R., Biology

Ratajczak, Amy, Continuing Education and Customized Training

Riley, James, Research and Planning

Rodgers, Andrew, Facilities Management

Ross, Shanna, Bookstore

Roush, Sandi, Payments and Billing Office

Rusinak, AdamAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Ruwart, Kaylene, TRIO Upward Bound

Salazar, Cory, Public Safety

Salinas Vega, Francisco, Office of Admissions

Sargent, Haley, Information Technology Services

Sargent, Noah, Information Technology Services

Sauter, Todd, Facilities Management

Schlenker, Scott, Information Technology Services

Schmidt, JeanneNursing

Schmitt, Linda, Human Resources

Schneider, Amy, Library

Schroeder, ShannonAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Seleski-Johnson, Rachel, Kopp Student Center/Student Life

Simonson, Rae, Fiscal Services

Sloane, Alex, Biology

Smith, Devin, Continuing Education

Smrekar, AmyDental Hygiene

Solverson, Mary, Marketing Communications

Steincross, Emma, Office of Students with Disabilities

Stickney, Martin, Fab Lab

Suggs, WillieInformation Technology Services

Sutliff, Martha, Facilities Management

Svoboda, Crystal, K-12 and University Partnerships

Taylor, Kiara, Health Sciences

Thao, Xeng, Information Technology Services

Trafton, Brenda, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Tsibulko, Liliya, Information Technology Services

Twiford, Holly, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Utley, Stephanie, Public Safety

Vadnais, Steve, Biology

Vang, Ka, Advising and Counseling

Viergets, Jami, Geography/Geology, Engineering/Physics

Vo, Diem, Partnership Programs

Wagener, AmyAdvising, Counseling and Career Services

Walker, Patrick, Information Technology Services

Walker, Velvet, Continuing Education and Customized Training

Wells, AshleyStudent Services

White, Kenny, TRIO/Student Support Services

Williams, Aaron, Facilities Management

Wilson, Geri, Office for Students with Disabilities

Wing, Amber, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Xiong, Melinda, Center for Experiential Education

Y, Mayarath, TRIO/Upward Bound

Yang, HunterStudent Life

York, Lori, Advising, Counseling and Career Services

Younger, Gretchen, Office of Admissions

Zarling, Mary, TRIO/Upward Bound

Zoul, Cindy, Grants