Normandale Community College Policies and Procedures

Normandale Community College Policies and Procedures

Normandale uses policies and procedures to support and guide our work. Policies are statements of institutional positions on various topics. They meet criteria in one of the following categories:

  1. Supports the college's mission and values
  2. Ensures the institution's compliance with external mandates
  3. Assures efficient use of resources
  4. Reduces risks
  5. Promotes consistency by those acting for the institution

College policies impact the entire institution and their applicability is not limited to a single institutional unit. They are developed to guide institutional decisions or actions.

Procedures are written statements of specific processes initiated to implement a policy. Procedures are subject to regular change to improve the manner in which a policy is administered.

Procedures are not policies. Procedures don't tell us what must be done, but how something must be done. Procedures are the methods for implementing policies.

For questions about Normandale Community College's policy and procedures or to inquire about the status of a review contact Leah Brink at 

To learn the details of the policy, procedure, and approval processes, please refer to the Employee Exchange policy page for the checklist and flowchart or view the written process, 1.4.1 Policy Procedure.