2023-2024 Course Catalog

Course Exchange

During the drop period, if a schedule change increases the total credits for which a student is enrolled, as in canceling a 3-credit course and adding a 4-credit course, the tuition and fees paid for the original course will be applied to the new course, and the student must pay for the additional credit(s) when the course is added. If the changed program results in fewer credits, as in canceling a 4-credit course and adding a 3-credit course, a refund of the credit differential will be issued.

If the student completes a schedule change after the drop period ends, the original course will receive a grade of W. The student must submit an appeal for a course exchange--to drop the withdrawn class and reverse the tuition and fee obligations, and to apply the prior payment to the added class. The tuition and fee reversal will be no more than the cost of the number of credits added. Course exchanges are considered only for courses that are taken in the same semester.

Course exchanges that occur after financial aid disbursement may result in reduction or cancellation of the student's financial aid award. For this reason, financial aid recipients are strongly encouraged to consult a financial aid officer before changing their schedule.