2023-2024 Course Catalog

Drop for Non Payment

Students are responsible for adhering to the payment deadlines established for each term or they risk having their courses dropped for non-payment. The deadlines are published in the registration guide and are also available on the Paying for College website. A student’s payment status can be found under "Bills and Payment" in the Minnesota State student web portal (eServices). A GREEN CHECKMARK indicates the student’s payment commitment requirements have been met. This informs Normandale that the student plans to attend classes and pay the costs associated with those classes. A RED X indicates the student must still make payment arrangements or a commitment to pay for classes.

Classes may be dropped if payment is not received or payment arrangements have not been made by the deadline. However, because several factors (such as a financial aid deferment) may prevent a student’s courses from being dropped (even when tuition and fees remain unpaid), students must not rely on the college to drop their classes if they decide not to attend. Students must drop their classes by the published deadline to avoid tuition charges and payment obligation.