2023-2024 Course Catalog

Normandale’s Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Goals and Core Learning Outcomes


  • To cultivate a welcoming college community;
  • to foster every student's talents;
  • to build an equitable world.


Limitless human potential realized.

Core Values


We cultivate a college community where people feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. We recognize that people learn and work better when their needs are met and they feel safe. We have the courage to communicate with compassionate candor. We are a community of kindness and respect.


We nurture curious minds in our students and in our employees. We are genuinely curious about one another. Curiosity fuels our pursuit of learning and inspires us to find better ways of doing things. It drives us to ask good questions and to seek information to answer them. We are a community of curious people.


We work hard to achieve our mission and goals. We dedicate ourselves to meeting all our students where they are and helping them pursue their aspirations. We are conscientious stewards of the college's resources. We are a community that expects a lot of ourselves and takes pride and joy in our work.

(Mission, Vision and Core Values approved by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees, January 2022.)

Strategic Goals

  • Achieve racial equity in educational outcomes by 2025.
  • Achieve associate degree completion or baccalaureate transfer rate of 50% or better for degree seeking students by 2030.
  • Support and sustain a pervasive culture that is culturally competent and service oriented.

Core Learning Outcomes

Our students will:

  1. Think critically and creatively.
  2. Communicate effectively.
  3. Demonstrate personal responsibility and social/life skills.
  4. Demonstrate local and global civic responsibility.

Approved by Normandale Community College faculty, April 2017.