2023-2024 Course Catalog

BIOL 1501 Principles of Biology 1

This course is designed for students majoring in biology and other science related fields, including the health professions. Students will explore major biological processes occurring at the cellular level, with emphasis on cell structure and function, metabolism, reproduction, development, genetics and gene expression, and evolution.  Students will engage in techniques appropriate to the study of biological processes and gain experience in experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, and the communication of results.  Lecture 4 credits, 3-hour lab 1 credit.


5 cr


MATH 1080 or MATH 1090 or MATH 0700 (C/P or higher, valid for 5 years) or placement into MATH 1500 or MATH 1150 or higher; and ENGC 0960 (C/P or higher) or ENGC 0900 (C/P or higher) and READ 0960 (C/P or higher) or placement into ENGC 1101


Fall, Spring

MnTC Goals