2023-2024 Course Catalog

Drop or Withdrawal from a Course

Whether a student drops or withdraws from a class is determined by the date of the registration activity.

  • During the first five days of the fall and spring semesters and the first 5 days of the first summer session (which begins late May/early June), a student may drop a class (remove it from their academic record). For late-starting classes, weekend classes and other classes that do not meet the full length of the term (including classes that begin after the 5th day of the first summer session), students can drop through the end of the business day following the official course begin date. A student who drops from a course is no longer allowed to attend or participate in that course.
  • Students who are enrolled at Normandale through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) may drop courses during the first 14 days of the fall or spring semester. Days counted include Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, plus one Saturday.
  • After the drop period, a student may withdraw from any course prior to the withdrawal deadline (approximately 80% of the length of the course). Students should consult eServices for course withdrawal deadlines, either under the course listing or in "View/Modify Course Schedule."

When a student withdraws from a class, a grade of W is recorded on the student’s academic record. A grade of W does not impact a student’s GPA, but it is considered attempted/not completed credits for the purpose of satisfactory academic progress for enrollment and financial aid. A student who withdraws from a course is no longer allowed to attend or participate in that course.

Students are encouraged to confer with their instructors and an advisor or counselor as part of the official withdrawal process.

Students are responsible for understanding the impact a drop or withdrawal has on their student account and academic and financial aid status. See the Refund Policy and Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for complete information. Financial aid recipients are strongly encouraged to consult the Refunds and Return of Title IV Policy and a financial aid officer before withdrawing.

College-Initiated Drop or Withdrawal from a Course

At times, college administration may initiate a course drop or withdrawal according to policies established by the college and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees. A drop or withdrawal may be initiated as a result of a course offering being cancelled prior to the start of the term or the student’s failure to pay tuition, failure to attend classes, failure to meet course prerequisites, failure to meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress, violations of the code of conduct and other situations.