2023-2024 Course Catalog

Credit for Prior Learning

In accordance with Minnesota State Board Policy 3.35 Credit for Prior Learning and Minnesota State System Procedures 3.35.1-3, students at Normandale may earn academic credit for college-level learning gained through learning experiences outside of college or university credit-bearing courses as assessed by academically sound and rigorous methods and processes. Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) includes both external and internal assessments.

External assessments that could result in credit for prior learning (CPL) include those achieved and assessed through a nationally recognized third-party assessment agency or organization, regionally or nationally accredited postsecondary institution, military training or noncredit instruction. CPL external assessment types may include but are not limited to AP, IB, CLEP, and other national standardized assessments as described in the following sections of this catalog; world language seals and certificates; industry recognized credentials, licenses and certifications; and noncredit instruction in programs such as registered apprenticeships, continuing education, and customized training. Credits earned through external assessment methods are not resident credits and may not be used to satisfy resident credit requirements for graduation. Credits earned through alternative methods are noted on the student’s transcript as transfer credit, with no letter grade.

Internal assessments are those assessments through which college faculty assess evidence of students’ demonstrated learning. Internal assessments that could result in CPL include prior learning portfolio assessments and course test outs. Credits earned through internal assessment methods receive a grade of Pass (P) and count toward the residency requirement.